Instantly converts your existing pair of Bifocals, Trifocals or No-Line progressive prescription glasses into precision computer glasses...

Problems and Solutions...

“Ideally, the corrective power needed for viewing a computer monitor, which normally occurs at eye level and above, should be in the upper half of the computer user’s prescription glasses not in the bottom half. PC Peekers, a new innovative lens-aid, solves this common problem at a fraction of the cost of a new pair of computers glasses by placing an ultra wide, clearer zone of vision in the top half of a computer user’s existing prescription glasses. Using PC Peekers to view a computer monitor eliminates repetitive up and down head movement and the eye and neck strain which result from improper bifocals use,” says Dr. Don Ledbetter, optometrist and co-inventor of PC Peekers.

According to Erik Dalton, Ph.D. Director of the Freedom From Pain Institute, prolonged sitting at the computer wearing bifocals forces the neck forward on the shoulders and the head to roll back into hyperextension. The following are five of the devastating effects from this forward head posture:

  • Head pain, vertigo, and loss of concentration from neurovascular occlusion at the base of the skull

  • Neck, shoulder, and arm pain from compressed cervical joints and discs

  • Dowager’s Hump develops as the neck slides forward on the shoulders

  • TMJ dysfunction from retraction of the jaw

  • Blurred vision as the brain attempts to level the eyes

You don't have to suffer these devastating effects!

PC Peekers allows the head to remain in a neutral position while operating a computer which dramatically reduces head, neck, and eye strain. This practical and inexpensive invention is the most effective tool I have seen for relieving pain and stress from forward head posture,” says Dr. Dalton.

Finally - PC Peekers computer glasses provide an inexpensive way to focus your vision at the computer, comfortably, without leaning back, tipping your chin up, to substitute your bifocals, trifocals or no line progressives for computer glasses!

Relieve computer eye strain and computer vision syndrome with patented PC Peekers computer glasses.

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Computer vision is a very common complaint of multi-focal patients. The computer monitor is usually positioned near eye-level at mid-range distance. Due to the optical limitations of multi-focal lenses, this is a dilemma for the eye doctor because it is virtually impossible to prescribe one pair of glasses that solves all our visual demands and fulfills the need of a computer user.

The progressive lenses, which are routinely prescribed for computer users, are adequate at best. A common alternative is to prescribe another pair of glasses just for the computer, but this is costly. PC Peekers are a simple solution to the two major inherent problems of progressive lenses.

First, the PC Peekers corrective power is designed to position in the top portion of the existing Rx glasses. This eliminates frustrating up and down head movements and related neck strain.

Secondly, PC Peekers single vision, mid-range power extends entirely across the upper zone of the patient’s existing Rx. This provides a much wider, clearer field of vision than the narrow channel of a progressive lens at an affordable price.

Easy to use… there is no need to remove your glasses. Simply slip in and slip out. There are no intricate connections, clamps, or clips.

Versatile… perfect for other activities performed at arm’s length distance (i.e. piano playing, painting, maintenance repairs, overhead tasks, etc.)


PC Peekers was presented a bronze award in the Health and Science category at the INPEX in Pittsburgh, PA, one of the largest shows in the U.S. for inventors and entrepreneurs to demonstrate and promote their inventions.

In 2002, the Journal’s Innovator of the Year presented PC Peekers with an “On The Brink” award.

The OCAST Report produced by the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology’s recently produced a featured article on PC Peekers.

Another PC Peeker commendation was from the WIN program.

An evaluation report was provided by the Innovation Institute of SW Missouri State University, whereby PC Peekers received a recommendation for further development and commercialization. Less than 18% of inventions submitted receive this recommendation.

PC Peekers has had featured articles in the Health & Sciences section of The Daily Oklahoman; as well as, the front page of The Journal Record.