Are your Bifocals a

pain in the neck when you

work on the computer?

Now there is a simple,

affordable solution!

Ben Franklin invented bifocals around 1760.

Franklin designed bifocals to see both near and far but not for seeing distances in between - precisely where today’s computer users need vision correction the most.

However, if Franklin were alive today, he would clearly see just how painfully inadequate his bifocals had become for legions of modern day computer users.

From a Satisfied User

"While working on a computer for a friend, I noticed his PC Peekers on his desk. He said they slipped inside his bifocal glasses and stopped having to move his head up and down. He told me to slip them in my glasses. I literally could not believe my eyes! The screen became perfectly clear...instantly, and that was through the top of my bifocals. "WOW", I said...these are the best things since potato chips!!! How much are they and where do you get them? I now have a pair at home, one at the office, and travel with one in my laptop case!"

  • Gary Fletcher, President - Solution Services Inc


PC Peekers computer glasses are designed to overcome the optical limitations of bifocals, trifocals and "no-line" progressive lenses. PC Peekers computer glasses rest behind your current prescription lenses to provide the corrective lens power for a clearer and wider zone of vision without interfering with the near bifocal power! Patented PC Peekers computer glasses are made of polycarbonate plastic, provide UV protection and have a scratch-resistant coating. LEARN MORE

Easy to Use...

PC Peekers computer glasses

simply slip behind

and rest on the temples of

your prescription glasses.

Now YOU can get these same incredible PC Peekers at the affordable price

of $32.00 with FREE shipping/handling.

There will be one less pain in the neck for you to deal with in life!

Total package includes...

Peekers, 3M adhesive for stability

and a Case.

* Designed by eye care professionals

* No prescription size, one power fits all

* Ultra-Violet protection

* Polycarbonate High Impact / Scratch Resistant Lenses

* One Year Warranty

* PC Peekers computer glasses are precision crafted in the

USA and meets ANSI standards for optical devices

* Normal Bifocals cost $200.00 - $300.00

PC Peekers computer glasses cost only $32.00

PC Peekers computer glasses are $32.00 a pair with FREE shipping and handling within the continental US. Your order online will be securely processed by I-Transact.

Finally an affordable

pair of glasses for my

computer work!

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